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19 Ocak 2020 Pazar
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Hizmetlerimiz - PROPERTY IN ALANYA


1. Geography. Turkey is one of the most wonderful places in the world from the geographical point of view. A bridge between Europe and Asia washed by the 4 seas, the land of amazing beauty, the perfect union of sun, sea, mountains and lakes.

2. Climate. It`s a unique combination of 300 sunny days in a year, warm sea, exuberant green and majesty mountains.

3. Due to it`s huge territories, sunny climate and swift developing of tourism Turkey has a great potential to be number one in golf course.

4. Top service, rather high and stable living standards.

5. One of the best quality - price ratio on the whole Mediterranean shore.

6. New building concepts which give a chance to build in shorter time property of high quality according to all European standards.

7. Profitable investments in your future. The possibility to use mortgage.

8. Flexible price policy. The opportunity to rent your property out.

9. The possibility to inherit, to devise and to resale the property in the future.

10. Being the owner of the property you have the right to apply for the living permit and for citizenship with the lapse of time.



1. A 300 day life under the sun, warm sea, rich nature.

2. Great number of historical sightseeings, cultural and sport activities.

3. Dynamically well-developed tourist and life infrastructure.

4. One of the most ecologically pure places in the world.

5. Regular air service the whole year.

6. Flexible prices for property.

7. Hospitality and understanding towards the foreigners.

8. "Saklikent" - ski resort is in immediate proximity to Antalya, just 50 km away.

9. A great number of foreigners living here as permanent residents.

10. Low crime rate.

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